Business Intelligence: Use Data to drive Smarter Business Decisions

Utilise our trusted expertise in eCommerce and digital web analytics to adapt a data-driven strategy for smarter digital marketing & business decisions.

Digital Analytics Audits

We can analyse your current digital analytics portfolio for data integrity to report on business performance and define analytical requirements needed to effectively track your business goals.

GA4 / Google Analytics Audits

We’ll analyse your website traffic to help you gain customer insights, and review your advertising spend to identify areas of waste and opportunities to expand.

User-Experience (UX) Audits

Identifying key UX issues impacting your sales is the first step to making it easier for your customers to buy. We establish what is considered ‘best practice’ and compare our findings.

Analytics Implementation

Following the digital analytics audit, we can help establish your complete toolkit to measure your eCommerce website performance through implementation of:

GA4 / Google Analytics

Gain specific insights into customer behaviour in the checkout process, and which products are bought together to create effective internal marketing.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Implementation

User interaction data is now easily collected and analysed with GTM, and gives you the ability to tweak and tune your site to ever changing needs.

Reporting & Consultation

If you find analytics a confusing overload of graphs or lack the time to utilise it, let us do it for you. Our team can present you key insights to business performance and recommendations to drive your business growth.

Monthly or Campaign Reporting

Whether you need information at regular intervals or on particular campaigns, we can cater our reports to your specific needs.

Custom BI Dashboards with Looker Studio

An easily understandable and customisable platform that we use to present what your data has to say, for you to make well informed decisions.