eCommerce System Integrations


Gain a new level of operational efficiency by integrating your online store with your business systems.


Integrated Commerce: Get your business systems talking to each other

B2B Commerce can help streamline your business by integrating your eCommerce website with your business systems.

Types of eCommerce Integrations

API Integration

API Integration has proven to be the most dependable and secure way to integrate systems. It ensures that your data is secure and is not susceptible to breaches or unauthorised access. API integration often have request limits, so be careful to review any limitations before deciding on a solution. Whilst all integration platforms use APIs as well, most eCommerce or ERP platforms have their own API documentation that is suitable for custom developing your own integration where needed.

Integration Platforms and Connectors

Integration platforms or connectors act as a middleware between your ERP/POS and your eCommerce site. This market has an overwhelming choice of vendors with pre-built connections between various systems. Some solutions can be limited in the functionality they provide and may not be able to facilitate highly customised needs. It's important to clearly define your integration requirements before reviewing integration platforms.

Remote Fetch

Scripts that remotely fetch of CSV, JSON or XML files scripts and import the data into the target system are frequently used where API integrations are not available. They are most commonly configured for the source system (i.e the eCommerce platform) to generate the file in a designated format, and a script is created to fetch or push the file to a remote server for data import.

Direct Integration

Direct integration uses a database connection to push and pull data. This method of integration often presents security risks by allowing unencrypted data transfer, which makes it easy for hackers to intercept and potentially exploit the information being shared. It has been known to cause significant damage to businesses that have not taken the proper precautions to protect against data breaches.

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