Streamline your sales process
an Online Quoting System

Does your sales team struggle with time-consuming manual sales quote procedures? Give them the latest tools to manage and convert more sales.

Revolutionise Your Quoting Process

By taking advantage of an online quoting system, businesses can save time, money, and resources while ensuring accuracy and efficiency. It is an invaluable tool for any business and can help you streamline your quoting process.

How does online quoting work?

Customers browse your website and add items to their quote

Adding items to quote is as easy as a shopping cart.

Customer submits their quote request and your sales rep(s) are notified

Quote submissions can be customised to capture the information you need.

Sales reps prepare the quote online and send to the customer in 1 click

Quote preparation is made easy with custom pricing, discount calculations and shipping options.

Customer accepts the quote and can checkout online, quote is then converted to sales order

Customer can request revisions to the quote which are sent back to your sales rep

B2B Commerce can provide you with an easy to use Online Quoting System
for customers and sales reps alike.

Available 24/7

Customers should be able to create quotes easily right from your storefront. A functional clean design that makes logging in quick, easy to navigate and make orders and request quotes.

Quick Checkout

Let your customers checkout seamlessly right from their quote and you set the payment method options available for each user. (Instant Checkout, Credit, Purchase Order etc)

Quote Management

Your quoting software should make your life easier, not harder. You can eliminate a lot of routine work and freeing up your team for more important matters.

API Integration

Integrate your existing data with APIs to automate the process. Customers can get accurate quotes quickly, and businesses are able to respond faster and more efficiently.

Professional Looking Quotes

The right online quoting system will send accurate and professional looking quotes online to your customers without delay.

Mobile Optimised

The amount of people doing business online via a mobile phone is growing daily. You want your online Quoting system to look great on any device.

What Online Quoting System is right for your business?

Utilise our 20+ years of industry expertise to find and implement the right request for quote solution.